What we do

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What we do

Whether you are looking to employ or to be employed, no matter you need 1 or 1.000 employees, flexible or permanent solutions, full HR, legal, or payroll and compliance support, we will tailor the right service for you. Our business is all about growing our Clients’ businesses and shaping our Candidates’ careers, bringing the right people to the right companies.


General Staffing Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment process could be a stressful and time-consuming process. Allow us to help your business grow, and find the right employees who have the right competencies, fitting your company culture and job requirements. Our recruiters have years of experience in the HR field, and specialization in different industries. We provide positions from entry levels to specialists.

Staffing Management (Temporary, Permanent and Contingent Workforce Solutions)

If you are looking for a flexible employment solution, long-term headcount restriction answer, or temp to perm transition, you are at the right place. Our dedicated HR team will treat your employees in the right way, offering added value service and full flexibility. Our up-to-date HR tracking tool will allow you to access all reports and evaluations quickly and easily.

HR, Legal, Payroll and Compliance Support

It makes no difference to us if you are a small, medium-sized or large company which needs external HR administration, legal and compliance support, or payroll services, we could tailor the right solution for you. With years of experience in this field of industry and our experts with their real professional practice, we offer fast, flexible, and on-demand solutions in the domains of labor law, compliance, HR administration and payroll.

On-site Management

Are HR tasks exceeding your capacity? Are you having a large volume recruitment? Are you engaging big numbers of temporary employees? With the proven in-house on-site solution, we could take over different tasks and be a dedicated support to your needs, employees, or any other process managing it right at your premises.

RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is a partnership between a company with recruiting needs (Client) and a company with recruiting services (us). As a part of the business process outsourcing, you can transfer all processes or a part of your recruitment/hiring process to us, essentially serving as an extension of the company’s HR department. We can provide you with our methodology, tools, and reporting while using your standards. This definition tells that RPO services are not traditionally outsourced, i.e. cooperating with an RPO provider is much more consultative and customizable than the standard type of recruitment.

International Mobility

International mobility involves selection and relocation of employees for international assignments, as well as logistics activities and events that occur before, during and after these assignments.


Workforce provides your organization with the right talent and strategy by successfully penetrating the major industries.

Consumer Retail & Hospitality

Industrial & Automotive

Manufacturing & Engineering

Customer Service & Call Center

Transport & Logistics

Back Office Support

Telecommunications & IT



You can apply to open positions that match your profile, or simply submit your CV so our our recruitment team may refer to it when a job opportunity arises.